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What is the Obalon Balloon System?

If you are hoping to lose weight but do not want the stress and cost of surgery, the non-surgical Obalon Balloon system may be the answer for you. This system can help you lose weight with results comparable to that of surgeries, but it is significantly less expensive and requires no down time as surgery does. Its function is relatively simple: it involves introducing three inflated balloons, each one the size of a small orange, into your stomach. These balloons take up space and make it so you cannot eat as much as usual. Below, we will go over what is involved in this system as well as the cost breakdown of the procedure.


How Does the Obalon Balloon System Work?

The Obalon balloon cost does not just cover one procedure. Before you begin the program, you must consult with your physician to determine whether you are a good candidate for the therapy. Some of the more general criteria for receiving the therapy include the following:

  • You must have a BMI between 30 and 40.
  • You must not have had prior weight loss surgery.
  • You must be willing to follow a diet and exercise program.

The Obalon Balloon for Obesity

The Obalon Balloon for obesity is a program that combines an innovative, non-surgical procedure with physician-supervised diet and exercise programs for long-term weight loss and health. The procedure involves the gradual placement of three balloons over three months. The balloons come in the form of small capsules with catheters attached. For each placement, you will swallow a capsule like you would a vitamin. Your doctor will then inflate the capsule to the size of a small orange.

The doctor will use the catheter to inflate the balloon and then remove the catheter. The balloon will remain in your stomach until all three balloons are removed six months after the placement of the first one. These balloons take up space in your stomach, so you will feel more full and will also not be physically able to overeat. This Obalon Balloon video provides a convenient visualization of the procedure itself.

The FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved 3-balloon system for weight loss.


If you are someone struggling to lose weight, there is a swallowable weight loss pill balloon designed to curb appetite.  The Obalon balloon system is FDA approved for up to six months of use and has proven weight loss for patients. According to research, obese people with the Obalon balloon shed double the weight compared…

There is an increasingly popular procedure to lose weight and it doesn’t involve having surgery. Obalon weight loss gastric balloons are a quick, affordable, and a relatively painless alternative to surgery. Patients who have tried to lose weight but have been unsuccessful are turning to this gastric balloon and have achieved real weight loss results….

The Obalon Balloon is the first and only swallowable pill that helps facilitate weight loss. The balloon system takes up space in your stomach to help you feel fuller faster and is combined with diet and exercise to achieve the greatest weight loss results. Obalon is a non-surgical procedure and takes little to no downtime….

Obalon is the first and only swallowable capsule designed to achieve weight loss. This system is ideal for people wanting to achieve weight loss but are looking for an alternative to surgery. The Obalon Balloon is less expensive and requires little to no downtime in comparison to surgery which is expensive and time consuming. Surgery…

Choosing between two different weight loss solutions may be difficult for some. When choosing a weight loss solution, you also choose the side effects that may result from your choice. The Obalon Balloon and Lap Band are two weight loss solutions that share some common side effects but also have side effects unique to them….

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