What Makes an Obalon Success Story

Most Obalon balloon patients or those who are considering this treatment method understand that the Obalon balloon works by taking up stomach space, making it virtually impossible to overeat. The treatment also involves professional supervision of diet and exercise, which helps patients learn new healthy habits. So what makes an Obalon success story happen?

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While many patients see significant weight loss while undergoing treatment with the Obalon Balloon System, some do run into pitfalls while undergoing treatment. Different patients will have different results while using this system, but there are some potential problems to watch out for. Here, we’ll look at the story of one Obalon patient who found long-term success, as well as a patient who did not see significant results. This may help current and future Obalon patients maximize their treatment results.

An Obalon Success Story

There are countless success stories of Obalon patients losing weight and keeping it off. One early success story that was featured in Time magazine is that of Dana Goossens, who became an Obalon patient in a clinical trial.

What Makes an Obalon Success Story
Lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

During the course of the treatment, Goossens lost close to 40 pounds. However, she explains that she maintained the healthy habits she learned while following the Obalon Balloon diet, and that this enabled her to continue to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

So how did Goossens become a success story? The answer is relatively simple – she was willing to put in the effort to lose weight. The Obalon Balloon system is designed to help patients achieve significant results, but it’s important to follow the diet and exercise guidelines provided by the supervising physicians. Goossens achieved results that were sustainable by continuing these healthy habits after balloon removal.

Goossens achieved results that were sustainable by continuing these healthy habits after balloon removal.

A Non-Success Story

Some patients who are treated with the Obalon Balloon system expect it to be a quick fix. They forget that the balloons are designed to be accompanied by a physician-supervised diet and exercise program. This particular pitfall happened in the case of Dr. Arun Ghosh, a general practitioner who opted to start the Obalon Balloon system in order to lose weight.

However, in a detailed article penned for the Daily Mail, Ghosh notes that he did not fully follow the Obalon balloon diet. For Ghosh, having the balloon placed made him feel as though he needed to eat more in order to settle his stomach. The constant small cheats on the diet added up, and in the end, he lost almost no weight with the system.

What Can You Learn From These Stories?

Essentially, the major takeaway of these stories is the fact that, in order to find success with the Obalon system, it’s vital to follow the Obalon Balloon diet and exercise program given to you by your doctor. If you do run into nausea, stomach discomfort, or anything else that tempts you to eat more or to cheat on your provided diet program, talking to your supervising physician may help. Because your doctor has likely helped other patients lose weight with the Obalon system, he or she may be able to offer advice to those who are struggling to follow the guidelines.

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For current and future Obalon patients, it is important to understand that each component of the Obalon system is important. The balloons, the diet, and the exercise program are designed to work together. If you don’t follow one or more of the program components, you will be much less likely to see positive results. The Obalon system involves a significant investment of time and money, and most patients want to make that investment a worthwhile one. When you wholeheartedly embrace the program, follow the diet and exercise programs, and ask your doctors for advice when you encounter pitfalls, you will be much more likely to find lasting weight loss and improved health.

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