4 Reasons Obalon Balloon System is Worth The Cost

The Obalon Balloon System, which was approved by the FDA in 2016, is a system of small, gas-filled balloons inserted into the patient’s stomach. These balloons take up space in the stomach, making patients feel fuller and helping them eat less. And because the balloon system is accompanied by a diet and exercise program, the system as a whole helps patients cultivate healthier habits.

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Unfortunately, many insurance companies still do not cover the Obalon Balloon System cost. Without insurance, the cost of the procedure averages between $6,000 and $9,000. This is less than the total cost of weight loss surgery, but it is still a considerable expenditure. While this might be a deterrent to some would-be patients, many who find themselves asking, “Is the Obalon Balloon System cost worth it?” ultimately discover that it is.

You Lose Weight

The Obalon system isn’t just another gimmick. Studies have indicated that patients on this system lose almost twice as much weight as those relying on lifestyle changes alone. Plus, in another large-scale study, patients kept the weight off. The Obalon treatment lasts six months, but in this study, patients maintained 89% of their weight loss after a year.

4 Reasons Obalon Balloon System is Worth The Cost
Lose weight and feel great!

Many patients who find the Obalon Balloon System do so because they are tired of trying weight loss “solutions” that don’t actually work. With the Obalon system, you get a program that has been proven to work.

The System is Not Invasive

The idea of having balloons placed in your stomach may sound off-putting. However, it’s important to realize that the balloon placement process is easy, quick, and comfortable. In order to place the balloons, your doctor will have you swallow the deflated balloon, which is packaged in a capsule that is about the size of a vitamin. Then, your doctor will inflate the balloon while monitoring it on an x-ray to ensure it is placed correctly.

It’s important to realize that the balloon placement process is easy, quick, and comfortable.

Over time, the other two balloons will also be placed. This gradual placement gives you time to adjust to the presence of the balloons in your stomach. This simple placement process is significantly less invasive than weight loss surgery, and it does not require down time on your part.

Learn How to Keep The Weight Off

The Obalon Balloon System has been shown to be more effective than lifestyle changes alone, but lifestyle changes are also an important part of therapy with the balloon. Over the course of your six-month treatment, you will work with your doctor and with a nutritionist to develop an exercise and diet plan that works for you. This aspect of the treatment has great long-term value, as it teaches you to make healthy choices. This way, even after the balloons have been removed, you will have the tools you need to continue eating healthily and exercising.

Eat Less, Live Longer

You already know that the Obalon Balloon System is an effective tool for weight loss and for achieving wellness, but did you know it may help you live longer as well? Current research is finding that calorie restriction may actually slow the aging process and help people to live longer. Similar results have been found in studies of rhesus monkeys, which are similar to humans. Additionally, obesity can predispose a person to myriad health risks, so reaching a healthy weight also stands a good chance of improving your quality of life.

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In short, while the Obalon Balloon System cost is not necessarily cheap, for many patients, its long lasting benefits are more than worth the cost. Every patient must ask themselves “Is the Obalon Balloon System cost worth it?” In making this decision, it is often helpful to look over the system’s benefits and consider whether they are worth the cost.

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