Obalon Gastric Balloon System

The Obalon gastric balloon system is a FDA approved swallowable, intragastric balloon to help facilitate weight loss by taking up space in the stomach so you eat less. This procedure requires the patient to swallow a small capsule attached to a tube with the balloon that inflates once it reaches the stomach. This nonsurgical treatment is implemented for six months with three balloons gradually being placed over three months. Ultimately the Obalon balloon helps to change eating habits and keep the weight off for the long term.

Obalon Balloon System is Affordable and Efficient

The Obalon balloon system does not require surgery making it less expensive than weight loss surgeries. The process takes only 10-15 minutes each time a balloon is placed. The capsule can easily be swallowed in an office with a cup of water. Other FDA-approved weight loss balloons are filled with saline while the Obalon balloon is inflated with gas so it weighs less than a penny. The results from the Obalon clinical trial found that the participants lost twice as much weight with the Obalon system than with diet and exercise alone. The Obalon Balloon system is a swift procedure but may also have severe side effects and complications.

The Obalon balloon system does not require surgery making it less expensive than weight loss surgeries. The process takes only 10-15 minutes each time a balloon is placed.

Obalon Balloon System Has Potential Risk

Obalon, like many other weight loss solutions, may have side effects besides just the reduction of your appetite. Majority of side effects were discovered during the clinical trials. Discomfort, stomach cramps, and vomiting was reported by seven percent of those who participated in the trial. However, there may be further side effects not found during the clinical trials which may occur as a result from undergoing the treatment.

Patients reporting weight gain, increased hunger, and loss of hunger may be experiencing balloon deflation which may lead to death if it results in bowel obstructionreflux, indigestion, stomach cramps or pain, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, a gastric ulcer, or potential damage to the stomach or esophagus from the micro-catheter. The endoscopy which is used to remove the balloon can also cause side effects such as abdominal discomfort, a sore throat, injury to the digestive tract, and bronchial aspiration. The Obalon balloon system has risks but may also have outstanding results if the patients stays consistent with the diet and exercise program during and after treatment.

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Reshape Dual Gastric System 

Reshape is another form of a weight loss balloon that we can compare to Obalon. Reshape kick starts weight loss by placing two connected saline-filled gastric balloons, made of medical-grade silicone, inside the stomach for six months. This larger capacity weight loss balloon takes up more space in your stomach than a single balloon. Reshape is recommended for people with a BMI of 30-40 and designed to curb appetite and control portion size with comfort in mind.

Reshape Balloon System Designed for Safety

The dual gastric balloons were designed to enhance comfort by mirroring the natural curvature of the stomach. The dual gastric balloons also enhance safety. In the unlikely event of balloon deflation, the second gastric balloon maintains position in the stomach to prevent it from descending in the intestines. The procedure for Reshape only takes roughly 20 minutes to complete with no surgery required but it still has side effects.

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Reshape Balloon System Has Potential Risks

There is a risk for balloon deflation and intestinal obstruction and a higher risk when the balloons are left in for longer than six months. Signs of balloon deflation are increased hunger and/or weight gain, the presence of blue-green urine or sudden loss of satiety.  There are many potential risk associated with the  Reshape weight loss balloon and its endoscopic procedure such as headaches, nausea, infection, muscle pain, pneumonia, and respiratory distress, acute pancreatitis, ulceration, perforation, significant gastric bleeding, aspiration pneumonia, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating, belching, heartburn, dehydration, and sore throat. Fortunately Reshape is designed to promote safety and minimize the risk of deflation or migration and overall help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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