The Obalon Balloon System is designed to facilitate weight loss by taking up space in the stomach so you feel fuller faster and don’t overeat. It is accompanied by a professionally supervised diet and exercise program which increases the amount of weight that is lost during the treatment. After the six month treatment, diet and exercise should still be implemented to promote more weight loss and keep the weight off for the long run. This weight loss system has promising results and it all stems from a swallowable capsule filled with a balloon.

What Does The Balloon Consist Of?

The Obalon Balloon is administered to your stomach by a swallowable large capsule that is made with gelatin that comes from pigs. This capsule is only slightly larger than a vitamin pill you might take. It is connected to a small bendable tube for easy inflation of the balloon. The balloon is made of plastic that is folded neatly into the capsule. The gas that fills the balloon is nitrogen sulfur-hexafluoride mixture. Other medical devices such as surgical eye devices use these gases. Your doctor will administer three different balloons, each about the size of a small orange, but not all at the same time.  

The balloon is made of plastic that is folded neatly into the capsule. The gas that fills the balloon is nitrogen sulfur-hexafluoride mixture.

What Is The Procedure?

The first step in the procedure is to swallow the capsule. Once the capsule reaches your stomach, your doctor will make sure it’s in the right place of your stomach by taking an X-ray. Then he or she will inflate the balloon with gas by connecting the bendable tube to an inflation system. After the balloon is filled to the appropriate amount, he or she will disconnect the tube and pull it out your mouth and the balloons with be free floating in your stomach. Three balloons are delivered during the first three months of the six-month treatment. This procedure only takes 10-15 minutes each time and requires no sedation or anesthesia.

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Who Can Get The Obalon Balloon System?

The best candidate for this procedure would be somebody 22 years or older with a body mass index(BMI) between 30 and 40, who also has not had success from diet and exercise alone. For those that are afraid of permanent damage to the body or afraid of surgical risks. To receive results from this treatment, the candidate must be able to commit to the diet and exercise program that was provided for them for a 12 month period.

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Who Can’t Get The Obalon Balloon System?

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for this weight loss treatment. Some of the basics that may disqualify you are if you are morbidly obese with a BMI 40 or higher, had stomach surgery in the past, not ready the long-term commitment that includes lifestyle modifications, and your initial health condition is not to par for this treatment. There are other reasons that may disqualify you but your doctor will ultimately make sure this treatment is or is not right for you.

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