Obalon is the first and only swallowable capsule designed to achieve weight loss. This system is ideal for people wanting to achieve weight loss but are looking for an alternative to surgery. The Obalon Balloon is less expensive and requires little to no downtime in comparison to surgery which is expensive and time consuming. Surgery could be intimidating for some people that depend on work to pay their bills and could not afford to take time off, let alone pay for the cost of surgery. The Obalon Balloon is less intimidating because it is a short procedure and allows people to go on with their daily lives with only a couple limitations.

Is There a Recovery Period That Limits My Activities?

Both the placement and the removal of the Obalon gastric balloon are nonsurgical procedures so they involve little to no downtime. Patients may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure but must avoid stomach irritating medicines such as steroids or aspirin while the balloons are in the stomach. Scuba diving and air travel in a non-commercial aircraft should also be avoided as it can cause the balloon to deflate. Balloon deflation may lead to bowel obstruction which then requires surgery to have the balloons removed. Certain altitude restrictions may disqualify you from receiving the Obalon Balloon. The balloons cannot be placed if you live or plan to live at an altitude more than 4000 feet higher or 2500 feet lower than where your doctor places your balloons.

Scuba diving and air travel in a noncommercial aircraft should also be avoided as it can cause the balloon to deflate. Balloon deflation may lead to bowel obstruction which then requires surgery to have the balloons removed.

Swallowable Capsule That Requires No Surgery

The Obalon Balloon Capsule is a revolutionary solution for patients struggling to achieve weight loss and are not looking to undergo surgery. This indigestible and inflatable balloon system is a noninvasive approach and it works by filling up space in the stomach and curbing appetite. The balloons are installed by swallowing a capsule, which is inflated with gas through a microcatheter. Patients will ingest three capsules individually in the first three months of the six-month treatment and each procedure should only take up to 15-20 minutes. There is no sedation required since there is no incisions or breaking of the skin.

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Diet and Exercise Required to Achieve Weight Loss

The Obalon Balloon may curve your appetite so you eat less, but it is not as effective without diet and exercise. People who participated in the clinical trials lost twice the weight than the participants who just used a diet and exercise program.  After treatment, an average of 89 percent of weight was kept off 6 months post-removal, when combined with a moderate diet and exercise program. The Obalon Balloon help patients achieve weight loss but they also learn how to live an active lifestyle and make healthier decisions through the support provided by the diet and exercise program.

Removal Process Only Takes Up to 15-20 Minutes

After six months, the balloons are removed via endoscopy which may be performed under light, conscious sedation. Using a tube inserted via your mouth and down your esophagus, the balloons are deflated, grabbed and removed with a grasper. The Obalon Balloon removal procedure only takes around 15-20 minutes. The balloons should be removed six months after the first initial balloon placement.  Keeping the balloons in longer than six months increases the risk of balloon deflation.

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