The Obalon Balloon is the first and only swallowable pill that helps facilitate weight loss. The balloon system takes up space in your stomach to help you feel fuller faster and is combined with diet and exercise to achieve the greatest weight loss results. Obalon is a non-surgical procedure and takes little to no downtime. Since there is no surgery required, the cost to have the weight loss balloons inserted is tremendously less than the cost of weight loss surgeries.

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How Much Does the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon Cost?

The Obalon Balloon typically ranges from $6,000 and $9,000. It is about a fraction of the cost compared to weight loss surgery and is much less invasive. The cost covers the insertion and the removal of the three balloons as well as the nutritional support for the entire 12-month treatment. Pricing may vary depending on your geographic location and the physician’s fee within your area. Since this weight loss balloon treatment is combined with diet and exercise, there may be some external cost as well such as food and workout clothing or equipment.

The cost covers the insertion and the removal of the three balloons as well as the nutritional support for the entire 12-month treatment.

How Does That Cost Compare to Other Non-surgical Weight Loss Balloons?

There are three FDA approved weight loss balloons that are available in the U.S and those are Obalon, ReShape, and Orbera. Spatz is another weight loss balloon but it not available in the U.S and is currently not FDA approved. The average cost for ReShape averages at $8,000 for the 12-month weight loss program and the cost includes the insertion and removal as well as the nutritional support. The cost for Orbera covers the full treatment as well and may vary from $3,000 to $9,000 but most the of reports indicate a cost of about $6,000-$7,000. Although Spatz is not available in the U.S, it is available in over 32 countries. The cost of this procedure includes everything in the 12-month treatment and can range from $4,000 to $7,000 depending on the country. The cost for all weight loss balloons ranges because it depends on the location you plan to receive it. The same weight loss balloon can cost differently between two locations. 

Is the Obalon Weight Loss Balloon Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, the Obalon Balloon isn’t covered by insurance. However, you may not be required to pay full price all at once either. Many practices offer affordable financing options or you may be able to obtain financing elsewhere if the practice does not offer it.

Is There a Chance the Balloons Won’t Work?

The Obalon Balloon has proven weight loss through clinical trials and was approved by the FDA in September 2016. Participants during the trials averaged about 10 percent weight loss from their starting weight. The amount of weight loss largely depends on how dedicated the individual is to the diet and exercise program provided to them. It’s imperative to continue the diet and exercise programs after the balloons are removed to avoid regaining the weight.

There are rare complications that can prevent the balloons from working properly. Leakage or deflation of the balloons may occur and can cause intestinal obstruction. Deaths have been reported due to intestinal obstruction so it is important to be educated on the symptoms.

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