There are many options for battling obesity. Weight loss surgeries are the most effective obesity treatments, and you have choices among several of them. But some people may not be willing to do surgery or may not be fit for one. Morbidly obese people (over 50 BMI) are exposed to a higher risk of complications following weight loss surgeries, and they need to lose some weight before they can qualify for surgery.

If you have been checking about the best weight loss procedure for you, you’ve probably heard about two separate methods that are quite popular nowadays. One is the Obalon gastric balloon, which is a popular choice for weight control in Canada and Europe. The other one is known as “gastric sleeve,” or sleeve gastrectomy. So, which one to choose?

Gastric balloon – a non-invasive procedure. A silicone balloon, filled with non-toxic saline, is placed in the stomach. It reduces the amount of food that can fit in, so the patient gets a feeling of fullness much quicker.

Gastric sleeve – a surgical procedure where the patient has 80% of their stomach removed. The process is restrictive, and it ensures that patients have to reduce their calories dramatically.

Gastric Balloon vs. Gastric Sleeve – Similarities

Both procedures are restrictive, aiming to reduce the size of the stomach, thus reducing hunger. You experience less hunger as there’s less space in the stomach. They are both active in helping patients with weight loss over a six-month period.

Non-Invasive vs. Minimally Invasive

Obalon gastric balloon procedure involves no cuts but swallowing a balloon in the form of the capsule (which inflates with saline solution.) The patient takes a light sedative during the procedure.

Gastric sleeve involves incisions both inside and outside of the body, which makes it somewhat invasive as the surgery results in the stomach size being 20% of before. Because of these cuts, there may be risks and complications, such as blood clotting and infections (which isn’t the case with the Obalon balloon system.)

Temporary vs. Permanent

The Obalon balloon system is temporary and removed after six months (or earlier if needed.) It acts as a weight loss tool and support for the lifestyle and behavioral changes the patient must make. The balloon is inserted and removed easily, so there are no long-term consequences. On the other hand, gastric sleeve is permanent. The changes that happen will last for the rest of your life, and you may need to take supplements daily to avoid severe vitamin deficiencies.

How to Qualify?

The gastric balloon can be used on people with a Body Mass Index over 27. To qualify for this procedure, patients must show that they’re committed to weight loss before, during, and after the six-month balloon use period. It’s also intended for those who would rather lose weight naturally than with a permanent surgery.

As for the gastric sleeve, the patient has to have an over 40 BMI, or over 35 with (at least) one obesity-related disease. Patients also have to show the same commitment to weight loss and be ready for the surgery.

Obalon balloon and gastric sleeve have different uses and are designed for different people. If you’re at serious risk of obesity-related health issues and have no other options, consider the gastric sleeve. But if you want to learn how to get rid of those excess pounds naturally, then you should contact Obalon for gastric balloon procedure.

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