By now, you’ve probably heard news of the study that found that the Obalon Balloon system lets users lose nearly twice the weight compared to people who have lost weight by diet and exercise alone. And a follow up study even found that study subjects largely kept off the weight they had lost after six months.

While some critics have expressed fears that balloon removal will allow patients to simply return to old habits and regain the weight, the available research has indicated that this happens rarely, if ever. But why?

The study methodology did not specifically address all possible reasons why the Obalon Balloon diet and system is so successful. However, while each person’s individual results are influenced by a variety of factors, there are several general reasons that may explain why Obalon works as a sustainable weight-loss solution.

1. The Obalon Balloon System Incorporates Physician Supervision

Patients who are on the Obalon Balloon system also undergo a physician-supervised diet and exercise program. This is notable because both the Obalon Balloon diet and the included exercise program are physician-designed specifically for the patient. Because these programs are designed by experts and also designed specifically for the patient, they are more likely to work.

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However, the fact that both programs are supervised by physicians also means that the patient has an added element of accountability. If a patient designs his or her own exercise program, it may be effective, but if the patient gives up, there’s nobody holding them accountable. When a patient is regularly checking in with a physician, the accountability means that they are more likely to follow through and complete the program.

2. The System Helps Create Healthier Habits

As noted above, some critics have expressed concern that the removal of the balloons will mean an automatic return to overeating. However, because Obalon patients have the balloons in place for six months and are physician-supervised during that time, they are more likely to develop healthier habits that last. While conventional advice has long said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, some experts argue that it takes a longer period of time.

Conventional advice has long said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Obalon patients have the balloons in place for six months and are physician-supervised during that time

Because six months is such a significant amount of time, most patients find that the habits they’ve learned through the diet and exercise program become ingrained, and they therefore can continue to eat healthy foods in moderate portions. This may be one reason why Obalon patients largely are able to keep the weight off once they’ve lost it.

3. The Obalon Balloon System is an Investment

For many people, undergoing the Obalon therapy involves a significant investment of time, effort, and money. This investment means that most patients are serious about Obalon and want it to be worth their expenditure, so they are more likely to follow through with the program.

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Most patients who choose Obalon are also incredibly motivated to lose weight. While Obalon is not invasive, it is still a substantial undertaking, and patients who seek it out are generally very serious about finding a permanent, sustainable weight loss solution.

Weight Loss Balloon Systems May Have Other Beneficial Effects

The above reasons offer some possible reasons why the Obalon weight loss balloon system is so effective. However, further research is needed to determine whether the balloon has other effects that give Obalon patients a weight-loss edge over those who are using diet and exercise alone. The balloons may influence ghrelin and other hormones that regulate appetite.

In short, while the exact explanation may not yet exist, Obalon clinical trials and later research have both indicated that patients tend to keep off the weight they’ve lost even after balloon removal. Regardless of the exact reason, this is a therapy that has helped many patients regain health, confidence, and wellness.

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